Leverage S5 Icons
Leverage - Eliot - Name
Teasers:  photo leverage-quote1.png  photo leverage-ac13.png  photo leverage-negspace1.png

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Fic: The Ghost Job (Leverage/Supernatural crossover, PG-13, gen)
Title: The Ghost Job
Summary: The Leverage crew takes on the case of Mindy who's trying to prove that her husband wants to kill her for her money. But when Cliff - the husband - is found dead, things start to go wrong. The Feds show up to question Mindy, but the two guys' badges are about as real as Hardison's FBI badge - something that Eliot realizes pretty much right away. With a mysterious death and two fake FBI agents in the mix, the case takes off in a direction that Parker, Eliot and Hardison could never have guessed.
Fandom(s): Leverage, Supernatural
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Eliot Spencer, Parker, Alec Hardison, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester; no pairings
Rating: PG-13? (nothing you wouldn't usually see on either show)
Word Count: ~ 10k
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warnings/Spoilers: Very vague spoilers for the Leverage show finale. No warnings.
Notes: Written for a challenge @ leverageland (prompt: ghosts & hauntings). Set post season 5 for Leverage and season three-ish for Supernatural (let's all ignore the fact that the timelines don't match up, okay?).

read the fic on LJ or on AO3

My Parker Manifesto & a fic: The Rescue Job (Leverage/Teen Wolf crossover, PG-13, Eliot/Quinn)
Parker Manifesto

AKA lots of shiny things that show how much I love Leverage and especially Parker, including:

* 2 short meta pieces (why I love Parker & where I see Parker in the future)
* 2 ficlets (one Parker-centric gen; one a Teen Wolf crossover, also gen)
* 1 wallpaper (1680x1050)
* 1 picspam (500x800)
* 1 gif set (6 gifs)
* 7 (8) art recs
* a list of Parker's best moments
* a Parker fanvid
* Money & The Girl - a Parker fanmix
* 2 tumblr graphics
* 5 icons
* 2 sig tags

Here's a preview:

Title: The Rescue Job
Summary: Quinn's nephew is kidnapped by rogue hunters. Instead of trusting his rescue to the boy's ragtag pack, Quinn calls in the favor Eliot owes him.
Fandoms: Leverage/Teen Wolf
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Eliot & Quinn are the main characters, plus ensemble cast for Teen Wolf; Eliot/Quinn, with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Sterek reference
Rating: PG-13
Genre: crossover, action
Word Count: ~ 6700 words
Disclaimer: Leverage is property of TNT et al; Teen Wolf belongs to MTV et al.
Warnings: Teen Wolf level violence, possibly some language; Eliot is a werewolf
Spoilers: Sort of but not really? The story is set in early season five for Leverage and post season 3A for Teen Wolf and references specific plot points from the Leverage season 4 finale and the Teen Wolf season 3A finale. No spoilers for Leverage season 5 or Teen Wolf season 3B.
Notes: Originally written for the leveragexchange - I just never got around to posting it anywhere else, despite frequent prodding from my giftee. :P Much thanks to fleurlb for beta reading! ♥

read the story on LJ or on AO3

Project Birthday - Deadline Extended! Need More Videos or Graphics!!!
GOT - Jaime waving golden hand
I am extending the deadline a few more days to hopefully get some more things. So far I only have 5 videos and 1 graphic. If you want to have me do a graphic for you and put on your name, please comment here with your name. I really need vids and graphics or I won't be able to do the video!


 photo AldisBirthday_zps927988e3.gif

If you want to participate but are too shy or unable to send in a video clip of yourself, please send me a graphic or a photo of yourself holding a sign for Aldis like I've done in previous years. (although I would still prefer video clips!) Send some love to Aldis on his birthday!

Here's the details again:

Aldis' birthday is coming up (on September 20th)!!! I need everyone's help to make a special video for him. I'm using very upbeat music and I'd like to include short videos of his fans doing funny things, holding up signs wishing him Happy Birthday, or dancing around (but keep it clean folks! lol) The vids only need to be 5-15 seconds long. If you want to talk, you can do that as well - I'll put the ones with speaking it in at the end. This is your chance to wish a very awesome guy a wonderful birthday. Try to keep this quiet - don't @ mention him if you tweet about it or tag him on FB.


If you want to send a graphic or a photo of yourself holding a sign for Aldis, please do so! Remember to sign your name!


Here are the technical details:Collapse )

Leverage Novels
hey there,
I love reading fanfictions and lately I've noticed that there are three novels available on amazon.com (The Zoo/Bestseller/Con Job) and I was wondering if they are worth a try.

So has anybody read one of them and would recommend it? :-)

Thank you :-D

New Fanvideo: Leverage: Parker & Hardison {Harker} ~ Feels Like Home
Lev S4 - Harker - cheek kiss Gif

In an interview Aldis once said that Parker and Hardison are 'home' to each other. I heard this song and thought it fit perfectly for my Leverage OTP!

For Germany - http://vimeo.com/73737764

NEW Fanvideo: Leverage: Eliot Spencer - Have a Nice Day
GOT - Jaime waving golden hand

Song: Have a Nice Day by Bon Jovi - per request by AliKitty for her bday

If you're in Germany - here ya go: https://vimeo.com/69288583

Beautiful opportunity!
Hey Leverage fandom! As dedicated watchers and fandomers and ficcers, I bet you've probably seen what I've seen in this fandom which is a wide range of fic from AU to casefic, to backstories to shipper, and that's because of the uniqueness and broad possibilities in this fandom. The characters are so good at what they do it makes them seem like they have super powers, but they manage to stay grounded. And that's where badsexfest comes in.


Sex isn't always pretty! Sometimes you get locked in a closet with someone you've wanted for years, and it turns out closet sex is really, really uncomfortable. Sometimes you've just gotten to the good part and it turns out your apartment door actually wasn't locked. And sometimes being really flexible can actually be wicked creepy, not just sexy. That's why badsexfest is here, to show the, shall we say, not so perfect side of sex.

Prompting is open until July 1, so come on down and post some prompts, and fill the Leverage and any fandom prompts that are already there. The com won't know what hit it in the face just as it was about to come.

FIC: There Are Wolves
jensen s06 gag reel
Title: There Are Wolves
Authors: goneahead & tattooeddevil
Artists: firefly1344

Characters: Nate, Sophie, Eliot, Hardison, Parker and Cookie, Archie, Tara, Jim Sterling, Chaos, Tony Kadjic, Damien Moreau, Victor Dubenich, Ian Blackpoole and Alex O’Connell
Genre: Gen, AU - Adventure, “sci-fi” of the supernatural variation.
Rating: R
Warnings/Spoilers: Language, multiple minor character deaths, gore
Word count: ~39,280
Disclaimer: Nope, don’t belong to us - we just snuck the keys for a quick spin when nobody was looking

Summary: Members of the shadowy secret society known only as The Core have a plan. They're going to resurrect the mummy of Tammuz, and use his power to take over the world. There are only two problems . The first problem is five hunters who've figured out what The Core is doing and are determined to stop them. The second is an ancient legend, the one that says Tammuz's a demi-god, who happens to be just as evil as his father, Nimrod.

Sterling is nothing if not an opportunistic man. So when a sarcophagus with a Sumerian mummy gets stolen from a museum, he knows Nate's the man to solve the case. Their history be damned. When Nate finds out Sophie Devereaux --a Shadowless on the hunt for vampires--is involved, he decides to take the case, but not for Sterling. He recruits Hardison--a Medjay with mad hacking skills, a superiority complex and a love for orange soda--and gets Eliot Spencer--a shape Shifter and hunter--and Parker--a Hawke with a protective Hound named Cookie--with him. Together, can they figure out who stole the mummy and why?

Link to fic: There Are Wolves || Link to art post: There Are Wolves

FIC: The TAPS Out Job
jensen s06 gag reel
Title: The TAPS Out Job
Author: tattooeddevil
Prompt: Eliot Spencer walks into a bar and meets... Britt Griffith!
Fandoms: Leverage & Ghost Hunters RPF
Word count: ~ 1,700
Rating/Contents: G, no warnings

Join leverageland for Heist 10!
Leverage_ TeamThief pink letters
Leverage might be off the air, but that doesn't mean we love it any less! leverageland gives us the opportunity to celebrate our show and the characters we love, to let our creativity come out and play and meet some really nice people with the same interests. (Isn't it nicer to squee with the people who love the same things as you? Yep! You know it is. *g*)

So come and join leverageland now! Heist 10 starts on July 3rd - but if you join now, you'll have time to meet your team mates, have a look around and get familiar with everything!

leverageland is an interactive Leverage community with writing, graphics, luck and game challenges and four awesome teams for you to pick. Team Hacker and Hitter really need some more members, but you're of course welcome to join Team Grifter or Team Thief. You can apply here. (And when you do, please let the mods know seraphina_snape sent you! Thanks!)

10 Favourite Eliot/Parker Moments (9 picspams & 1 gif) & 50 Parker icons
Leverage_ TeamThief pink letters

10 Favourite Parker/Eliot Moments (9 picspams, 1 gif)


50 Parker icons

something good can work (and it can work for you) [NC17] Hardison/Parker/Eliot
aldis ~ lucifer be textin'
Title: something good can work (and it can work for you)
Author: queenklu
Beta by: leupagus
Pairing: Hardison/Parker/Eliot
Rating: NC17
Word count: 8.8k
A/n: Set a few days after The French Connection Job (5x4). Title from Two Door Cinema Club.
Summary: When you say ‘we’re making dinner,’” Eliot finally says, “do you really mean ‘Hey you should come over and cook dinner for us so we don’t burn down the apartment?’”

aka Operation Love Meme

also on AO3!

Fanvideo: Leverage: Eliot Spencer - Let's Do This!
Lev S5 - Parker - get punched

Since I have done it for the last two seasons, I figured I needed a video of Season 5 fights for Eliot although he didn't have as many fights this season.

Fanvideo: Leverage: Team - This Is War
Lev S4 - Team Provide Leverage

Season 1-5 showing some of their victims and the fighting the team has done for them. Overused song alert! lol

If its blocked in your country - https://vimeo.com/59771067

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Heist 9 | February 14th - May 4th 2013

leverageland is an interactive community for Leverage fans.

There are four teams: Team Grifter, Team Hacker, Team Hitter, and Team Thief.
Once you apply you will be placed in one of those communities and
you can try with your teammates to earn the most points and win the heist!

Heist 9: The Back to the Future Job will include a variety of time-based challenges --
including games, writing, fanart, puzzles, & team challenges.

Will the Grifters grift the heist?
Can the Hackers brain the game?
Can the Hitters smash the competition?
Will the Thieves steal it, maybe?

It's up to you! We'd love to see you!
Apply here to join a team, and let's go steal us a heist!

Please mention my name when you apply for a team! Thank you!

Christian Kane on Taste of Music
Christian Kane was recently on the web show Taste Of Music and I thought I'd share the full vid here! :))

Fic: Paying Debts (Eliot/Quinn)
Eliot & Alec, Leverage_ Parker
Title: Paying Debts
Author: sera/seraphina_snape
Rating: somewhere between PG-13 and R? (US ratings confuse me)
Pairing: Eliot/Quinn
Summary: Quinn calls in his favor and asks Eliot to help out on a job.
Notes: Written for theron09 as part of leverageland's Winterfest Gift-Giving.
Warning(s): This story deals with gay bashing. If this is something you're not comfortable reading about, this is not the story for you. (highlight to read)
Disclaimer: Totally mine. Not.

LJ | AO3

(x-posted to geteven_getfic, provideleverage & leverage_fic)

Fanvideo - Leverage: Team - Skyfall
GOT - Jaime waving golden hand

SPOILERS FOR THE LEVERAGE FINALE! If it's blocked in your country - https://vimeo.com/56602376

Okay I have so many feels for the finale and the end of Leverage so I had to vid it. Unfortunately I'd need about an hour to get in all my favorite clips. But here's just some of them.

65 Leverage Icons
65 misc Leverage icons.

Full set is HERE.

Eliot Icons
19 miscellaneous Eliot icons, mostly from the Homecoming Job.


Icons here.

20 Sophie Devereaux Icons
[Leverage] Nate/Sophie
[x] 20 Sophie Devereaux icons for Round #26 @ tvcharacter20


Here @ creation_corner

NEW FANVIDEO: Leverage - Moves Like Jagger
Lev S2 Team Awesome

SPOILERS FOR SEASON 4-5. Inspired by The Rundown Job.

Fic: Desperation in Action
Title: Desperation in Action
Author: emily64cooper
Rating: PG-13.
Characters/Pairing: Parker/Hardison, Eliot
Summary: A coda to 510, "The Rundown Job". A Hardison-centric piece, focusing on why he so desperately wanted to outrun the flu, rather than stay and fight.
Author's Note: I borrowed dialogue directly from the episode for this piece, so there are definitely spoilers for "The Rundown Job". Also, this is the first fanfic I've written in about a year, so I feel a little rusty, haha. Cross-posted at fanfiction.net, here.
Prompt: 15: This is my desperation in action. Table Here.

(Read more...)

Fanvid: Rundown (a fake spin-off trailer)
leverage OT3
There's been some speculation that one or both of the Leverage summer finale episodes could be a back-door pilot for a spin-off or possible series reboot. I just couldn't let go of the idea, and I loved The Rundown Job so much--SO MUCH--that I decided to make a fake trailer for a spin-off based on it. So here ya go!

WARNING: Video contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Leverage ep 5x09. Obvs.

(The song is "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons, because there is no such thing as an Imagine Dragons song that's not perfect for Leverage.)

New vid
Leverage - Gang At Bar
So because TNT are taking their sweet time to renew the show (and everything I see about that looks bad :( ) I decided to make a vid as a "creative outlet".  This is only my second ever vid, so I'm still learning, but I heard the song and had to use it :)

She can, so she does (fanfiction, Parker/Eliot)
GoT - Sansa - Queen
She can, so she does
Leverage | Parker/Eliot, Parker centric | 1596 words | PG13
She doesn't like feeling like this: all vulnerable, rejected and exposed. So she does what she does best. She runs. She steals. And she doesn't look back.

It's my first time writing in the Leverage fandom, so go easy on me ^^

Beth Riesgraf on Tabletop!
Beth appeared on the latest episode of Wil Wheaton's gaming show, Tabletop:

And be sure to check out her extended interview here:

They sometimes post bloopers a few days after the episode, so subscribe to Tabletop if you want to make sure you catch that. (In fact, subscribe to Tabletop anyway--it's really fun! Subscribe to the whole Geek & Sundry channel!)

Click here for John Rogers" Tabletop appearance!Collapse )

[Fanvid] The Only Place (Team)
leverage team around the table

Clips are from seasons 1-4 only, no season five spoilers. The song is "The Only Place" by Best Coast.

Leverage fanvid: Team - Wait For You - Plea for S6 Renewal
GOT - Jaime waving golden hand

Spoilers for S1-4.

Parker/Hardison shipper manifesto
amy & 11
I wrote a shipper manifesto for het_reccers; the manifesto can be read here.

Screencaps - Leverage 5.04 - "The French Connection Job"
GoT - Sansa - Queen
Leverage 5.04 - "The French Connection Job"
HD screencaptures
682 caps • sorted • 1280x720px • jpg
Samples: 1234

Gallery and Download links

Leverage Icons
SPN - J2 - Soapbox - NOT SHAREABLE
Teasers: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

You can find the rest HERE

Convention in Spain with Christian Kane and Aldis Hodge
Zarata Events
Zarata Events presents the first multi-fandom convention in Spain, to be held in Bilbao in February 15, 16 and 17, 2013. ShowTimeCon.

cartel ingles PEQ

ShowTime Con gives you the chance to meet your favourite television series stars, all of them together in the same convention.Collapse )

(no subject)
11 Leverage icons (5x02)
11 Supernatural icons


That’s actually, terrifying, exactly right.@mummy_daydream

(no subject)
25 Leverage icons (4x11, 5x01)


this is the part where you get punched@mummy_daydream

Screencaps 5.01
GoT - Sansa - Queen
Leverage 5.01 - "The (Very) Big Bird Job"
HD screencaptures
467 caps • sorted • Logoless • 1280x720px • jpg
Samples: 1234

Gallery and Download links at grande_caps

Flash Caitlin

Love Leverage? Love making graphics? Love writing fic based on this awesome show? Love games? Love puzzles? Love meeting people who love Leverage? Love being on a team of great people who share your interests? Love a bit of good ol' fashioned competition?

If you answered yes to any four or more of these questions, you really should join leverageland! New heist is just starting and new season is right around the corner even though it can't get here soon enough so this is the perfect time to join the fun. :D APPLY HERE! (Ask for Team Thief. ;D)

Please say dragana_ms sent you. :D

I hope this is OK, I looked for a rule that says no pimps allowed and didn't find one.

40 Icons
20 Icons (Leverage) for tv20in20
20 Icons (Season 2) for leverage20in20


the rest here @ larmay

ellioty spencer as jaqer h'ghar
Click to see full image.

misc. graphics

08 Icons, 04 Tumblr, 05 ipod/iphone Wallpaper, 04 Bookmarks, 02 Banner


the rest here @ larmay

Fanvideo - Leverage: Team - Good Feeling
GOT - Jaime waving golden hand

To celebrate the return of Leverage S5 (starting at 8PM on July 15th!!), here's a fun recap of the last half of Season 4!

The Bad Job
Title: The Bad Job
Rating: M
Characters: The Leverage-Crew, OCs
Pairings: Just the canon-ones. Otherwise Gen.
Word count: Not sure yet
Spoilers: All seasons are open game.
Warnings: Bad Language, bad situations, bad men. Mentions of child-pornography and -abuse.

This fic is finished!

Disclaimer: The Leverage-Team belongs to ... someone else. Not me. I just borrowed them to make them do bad things for a good cause.

Summary: Sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. And sometimes, the path they tread is dirty and wrong. Sometimes, you have to wonder how far you are prepared to go...

Read on my Journal

FIC: Course Correction 1/2
[IM3] Ending T/P

Course Correction (Leverage/Sherlock BBC crossover)
By 2cbetter2

Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: General spoilers for Leverage, specifically what Eliot did before becoming a retrieval specialist; the end of The Reichenbach Fall of Sherlock Season 2
Word Count: 4242 (this part)

Summary: What if Eliot hadn't stopped working for Damien Moreau and what if because of this fact he was called on to be an assassin for consulting criminal Jim Moriarty? Written for leverageland's Heist 7 big bang challenge


episode question
haven:Lemily sunpairs
I've been rewatching leverage eps and ther is an episode that i think i missed or not sure if it was part of the show where Nate and his target that he is conning are being shot at by a sniper from across where Nate lives and Elliot tries to get to the sniper while Nate still in his con mod uses the incident to scare the bad guy......Im not sure which ep/season that is from....DOes anyone know the ep??

Kane vid
angel, christopher daniels, wrestling
On a bored day at a bored time, i decided to an eliot video with kane music. Hope you enjoy it


09 leverage;
102 supernatural

09; leverage

(all here + multifandom) @ bel_perdente

(no subject)
matt bomer - holy fuck
[1-44] Leverage (plus 20inspirations batch)

here @ sexy_mood_music.
The post will be public for 1 week, and if you care to see it after that, feel free to join the comm. If you have any feedback or concrit, please don't hesitate to speak up. Thank you! :)

(no subject)
iZombie - Liv - yummy brains
20 Leverage Icons

HERE @ push_the_river

64 Leverage icons
[once] Emma blue

64 Leverage Season 1 icons @ fan_cicons

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